Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama Punishes WWII Veterans

They closed down the WWII memorial because they couldn't put ONE person there who knew CPR (which is a requirement they apparently just made up) due to the #shutdown, but yet they send SEVEN guards to keep WWII Veterans out! The very people the memorial was built to honor!

Let's ignore the fact that it's a punitive measure to punish Americans and make them feel as much pain as possible for the the shutdown. And that it's a public space, owned by the people, which isn't normally staffed 100% of the time. And even that #Obama doesn't have the #constitutional authority to close down a public area.

Instead, let's focus on the fact that they sent SEVEN guards to a WWII memorial and that is 2 more than the State Department had in #Benghazi. The parks and recreation department have reported they received their orders directly from the #WhiteHouse.

This administration cares more about keeping Veterans away from memorials, than protecting our people on US soil!

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