Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carbon Tax Will Make Goldman Sachs & Al Gore Trillions In Taxpayer Dollars

Mack Worley III
15 October 2013

Obama and the Left would like you to believe that carbon emissions are causing global warming. They would especially like you to believe that global warming or climate change is real. The purpose of this blog post is not to discuss the validity of global warming.

I'm not here to tell you that global warming/climate change is not based on real science or that they have been caught "cooking the books" when they changed temperatures to make it look like the earth was warming. I'm not here to tell you that they have been showing a picture of the polar ice caps taken during the winter and then another picture taken during the summer, which they are using that as "proof" that the polar ice caps are melting. I'm not even here to tell you that top scientists are on record stating they do not believe that the earth is experiencing any type of significant climate change.

Instead, what I am here to talk about is the Obama's Carbon Tax plans. Our dear President would like to create a tax that will cost $20 - $38 (depending on the source) per ton of carbon emitted, which will dramatically increase energy costs. This tax will cost American jobs and cripple our economy.

Forbes wrote an article on this topic on 6/20/2013 and in their article they discuss how Obama was trying to bypassing Congress and implement this through executive order. Since then, the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the REINs Act that would prevent Obama from executing the Carbon Tax without Congressional approval. House Ways and Means Chairman, Dave Camp stated, “President Obama’s plan to impose a tax on carbon would cause household electricity rates to skyrocket while destroying millions of American jobs.” Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise said, “The Obama Administration has used every trick in the book to implement its radical agenda through back door regulations.”

That's not really why I am writing this post either... I just thought I would mention it. The real reason I am writing this today is because of the corruption. Plain and simple. What am I talking about? Well let's follow the money.

The Joyce Foundation was giving Obama money, between 1994 and 2002, to form a company called CCX, also known as Chicago Carbon Exchange. CCX's two top share holders are Goldman Sachs and Al Gore. Goldman Sachs was Obama's top campaign contributor and we all know about his relationship within the democratic party and the progressive movement to Al Gore.

Why am I telling you this? Let's cut to the chase. Carbon Tax is a political kick back to the people who helped Obama get elected. Obama and his friends stand to make trillions from US taxpayers, if he ever does shove this tax down our throats. This is the man we have in our White House. Obama believes in socialism, he believes in the redistribution of wealth, so long as it's being redistributed into his or his cronies' hands.

It's time we wake up people. It's time we take a stand, because if we do not start paying attention to these people and holding them accountable, they will keep getting away with this kind of behavior. I, frankly, have had enough. Impeach Obama.

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