Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exchanges Are NOT Markets

Mack Worley
22 October 2013

The president is using the traffic on Obamacare's website as a way of showing how "excited" people are about Obamacare.

Well, if you mandate the people get Obamacare and create a system that doubles/triples the people's health insurance costs, don't you think you will have quite a few panicked people checking out the website that they are being forced to go to..?

The President made a reference that even Apple has glitches on the new IPhone, and according to him that is no excuse to destroy the company. Let me just say Mr. President, I have a choice NOT to buy an IPhone! You also can't call the problems with the Obamacare website glitches! These are fundamental problems with the software.

And please don't call it a market. Your exchanges are not a market. A market is a capitalist term. We don't have the option of not buying, as it would be if it were an actual market.

The word exchange fits it quite nicely. You give us Obamacare and in exchange, you want our freedom. #OnTheMoveShow


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