Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Don't Want To Fight The Government

A letter to anyone calling for REVOLUTION!

I don't want to fight the government...

...but I will stand against anyone who tries to trample on the rights of others or myself. The oath I swore to the Constitution does not expire. I firmly believe that the Bill of Rights is mankind's greatest intellectual achievement.

The concepts of self-governance, property rights, etc. were completely new ideas a few hundred years ago. The Bill of Rights acknowledged the laws of nature and forbade the government from violating natural rights, because the government's power originates from the people, not from the elite.

As a result of unleashing the fury of human effort based on incentive, which governments throughout history have repressed, we saw an explosion in technological advancement and millions of people were lifted out of poverty; unlike any system of governance had ever accomplished before.

In order to protect this human experiment in self-governance, we must do as anyone conducting an experiment would do... Pay attention. We are responsible for being informed, educated and engaged with our government at all levels. If our government is beginning to violate our rights, because we have fallen asleep at the wheel, then how would revolution be the answer to that? We have a completely uninformed population on what freedom really means.

How likely is it that an uninformed populace will somehow find it's way back to the ideas of self-ownership after a revolution? Do you really want to take that chance? What's more likely to happen will be for the United States to spiral into socialism and then maybe worse (ever heard of fascism?).

If the Bill of Rights got derailed, the world would go dark. Very dark. It would be like in the Middle Ages, after the fall of Rome, where people could look at giant monuments that were made hundreds of years before and know that people no longer could build like that. Those ideas were lost to the dustbin of history. People could actually look at those monuments and know that the past was better than the present. That, again, is why I am not in favor of revolution.

We've got to be willing to engage. We've got to get educated and teach others. We must stand together when our government steps out of line and hold their feet to the fire when they do. This is how we preserve liberty, not through revolution. Furthermore, non-violent struggle is vastly more effective at pushing back against oppressive regimes. We ought not risk liberty for a shortcut to our problems.

Liberty was won by the blood of our forefathers. We have to preserve these ideas, not just for us, but for our posterity. Let us not let it slip away.

In Liberty,

Mack Worley III

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