Monday, April 20, 2015

Mack's Appearance on The Johnny Rocket Launchpad: Episode #53

This is Part 1 of 3 from my guest appearance on "The Johnny Rocket Launchpad." If you haven't already subscribed to their channel, please do so here:

Johnny Rocket Launchpad Episode Description:
This week we talk about,"The Great American Experiment" The Constitution! This week, we welcome Mack Worley III, the host of: "On The Move Show" . We talk about: the Early History of The United States, the Founders Intent, Judicial Review, Executive Powers, The Second Amendment, and Common Core.

Mack is a retired United States Air Force veteran, a YouTube channel operator, a Political Talk Show Host of "On The Move Show", an activists, a blogger, a prep-per, a Conservative Libertarian, a patriot and a husband.

According to Mack, he is just a normal guy. He is a full time student, which keeps him very busy during the week. At night and during weekend he operates a YouTube channel ( and a podcast on Spreaker.

He wants to be clear, He doesn't want to be anyone's leader. He hopes to inspire people to stand up for their rights and become their own leaders. He would consider it a huge success if he managed to inspire one person to start a YouTube channel and do what he is doing, only better!  He started his YouTube channel and Podcast, because he can no longer remain silent or disengaged from US and global politics anymore. Everyday he sees our freedoms under attack and he is afraid for our country. He is afraid he will look back and wish that he had at least tried to do something. He is afraid that one day he will wake up and no longer recognize our country. He is afraid that he will be the last generation to enjoy the freedoms so many have fought and died for. He loves his country and he would bleed on the flag to make sure those stripes stay red!

Our Band of the week : Klover Jane

Klover Jane grabs you by the shirt and roars into your soul. They’re an adrenaline-blast of pure Rock-N-Roll; with mouth watering guitar riff’s, a bone-invading rhythm and the lyrical juice of unapologetic truth and smooth wail of the vocals.

The band returns in 2015 with their unique brand of 100% American Rock n' Roll and are set to take the summer concert stage by storm. Armed with the new CD 'Sacred' released through the Mental Itch Music Group on Dec 2nd 2014 , KLOVER JANE is back to rock for the fans! Don't miss out on a single minute of the action. And stay current with everything KLOVER JANE at

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